Agnes & A4J

Agnes Gund and Oprah Winfrey Discuss the Power of Art and Their Upcoming Art Auction

Town & Country magazine covered Art for Justice Fund founder Agnes Gund and Oprah Winfrey’s recent partnership for an art auction titled “By Women, for Tomorrow’s Women,” the proceeds of which are going towards financial aid programs at Miss Porter’s School, an all-girls school in Connecticut. Most of the art featured in the auction was created by pioneering and groundbreaking women artists.

In a video to accompany the auction, Ms. Winfrey and Mrs. Gund explain the power art has to make positive differences in the world:

“I love this idea of art that is representative of diversity and inclusion of all people,” said Ms. Winfrey. “And specifically looking for more women artists in the world… For me, art, it’s always about how it makes me feel, and whether or not it creates a certain emotion or idea or thought or uplift.”

Read the full article and watch the video here.