Ambitious New Pop-up Exhibit Tackles History of America’s Prison System

An ambitious new art exhibit, The O.G. Experience, featuring works exclusively by formerly-incarcerated artists, opened this month in New York City. The exhibit is designed to shine a light on the history of our prison system – from the slave trade and the “war on drugs” to an unjust bail bond system that allows jails to imprison individuals not convicted of a crime.

This pop-up exhibit, located at 525 W 24th Street, is free and open to the public from February 20 through February 25. It will offer an insider’s view of the American prison system and intends to spark thoughtful conversations about mass incarceration in the United States.

The O.G. Experience is inspired by HBO Films’ “O.G,” and features the work of Art for Justice grantees Jesse Krimes and Russel Craig, who co-curated and co-chaired the exhibit, respectively.

Learn more about the O.G. Experience here.