Art for Justice Fund and Ben & Jerry’s Partner on Criminal Justice Reform Exhibit



Ben & Jerry’s has partnered with the Art for Justice Fund on an art exhibition highlighting the work of artists who were formerly incarcerated and raising awareness of the injustice of the prison system and mass incarceration in the United States.

As Fast Company reports, visitors to the exhibit will learn about the effect that mass incarceration has on people in the United States, as well as current criminal justice reform efforts. Color of Change, a recipient of the Fund’s Keeping People Out of Jail and Prison grant, is one of the organizations supporting the Ben & Jerry’s exhibit, which will direct visitors to a digital platform where they can sign a petition expressing support for Color of Change’s work in this area.

“It’s rare for companies to have organizing theories, but our way of organizing and trying to drive social impact and systemic change is by increasing awareness around systemic issues, engaging our fan base on those issues, and ultimately encouraging them to take action,” says Jabari Paul, assistant U.S. activism manager for Ben & Jerry’s.

The Art for Justice exhibit is being held at the Ben & Jerry’s factory in Waterbury, Vermont. The factory is the most popular tourist destination in the state, hosting up to 400,000 visitors annually. The exhibit will be on display through June 2020.

Learn more about the Fund’s partnership with Ben & Jerry’s here.