Black Lives Matter mural now greets visitors at Philly’s Municipal Services Building



“The front windows of the Municipal Services Building, across from Philadelphia City Hall, are draped with a large banner depicting protesters from the Black Lives Matter movement.

The temporary mural, called ‘Crown,’ is just steps from where the statue of former Mayor Frank Rizzo once stood, and the site of large protests in late spring demanding the city remove the statue, which it did in June.

Those demanding the removal of the statue said Rizzo was a racially divisive leader who oppressed the city’s Black population during his tenure as police commissioner and then mayor.

‘It was important that this be on a government building near the Rizzo statue,’ said Jane Golden, CEO of Mural Arts Philadelphia, which partnered with the city to install the mural. ‘It shows times are changing. This should now be a spot that acknowledges people coming together, and a spot for healing.'”

–  by Peter Crimmins, WHYY


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Photo by Steve Weinik.