Bryan Stevenson Interviewed About His New Documentary, “True Justice,” and His Criminal Justice Reform Work

Following the June release of the HBO documentary True Justice: Bryan Stevenson’s Fight for Equality, Bryan Stevenson, founder of Equal Justice Initiative (EJI), spoke with Mashable about the making of the documentary and his leadership in social justice and legal reform.

True Justice is Stevenson’s first documentary, despite having written a memoir and conducting a number of interviews and speeches over a career that has spanned more than three decades. Initially hesitant about the potential effect of a documentary film on the safety of EJI’s clients, Stevenson chose to move forward with True Justice as a counter-narrative to the misguided portrayal of police and the justice system in many popular television shows. By sharing the under-discussed realities, he hopes to engage people in criminal justice reform and learning about the racial history of the United States.

In the interview, as part of his response to the question, “How do you hope viewers will react to True Justice, and support the fight for criminal justice reform moving forward?” Stevenson says:

“Above all else, I hope they’ll take action. We’ve got so many people coming out of jails and prisons that need help. We have so many jurisdictions where the laws need to change. There’s a great opportunity for this country to be directly engaged in ending mass incarceration and contributing to what I hope becomes an era of truth and reconciliation.”

Read the full interview with Stevenson here.