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Changing Hearts and Minds: How the Art For Justice Fund Hopes to Reduce Mass Incarceration

Inside Philanthropy highlights the strategy behind the Art for Justice Fund’s second round of funding:

It’s worth remembering that the Art for Justice Fund is barely a year old. Yet in that short time frame, the fund, along with the Robert Rauschenberg Foundation, has placed the issue of mass incarceration front and center across the arts giving landscape.

The rapid evolution of Art for Justice has provided socially driven funders with a template for leveraging the arts to change public policy, and has shown metrics-driven naysayers—often referred to as “effective altruists”—how the arts can drive measurable positive outcomes.

More guidance is sure to follow. Later this year, the fund will host a summit in New Orleans with about 100 artists and activists as part of ongoing efforts to end mass incarceration. Huang said she and her team are also exploring new funding areas for future grant cycles.

‘I am thrilled to support this mix of truly exceptional visionaries who are helping to change the way we think about criminal justice in America,” Gund said on the heels of the fund’s latest grant announcement. “From advocates to artists, storytellers to policy experts, each of our grantees is helping to dismantle an unjust system and culture that preys on vulnerable communities.’

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