Coronavirus Prompts Urgent Calls For Minors In Detention To Be Released



“Physicians, lawyers, and justice advocates are demanding that minors be released from juvenile and immigrant detention centers across the country to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 in those facilities. Their demand comes as a number of coronavirus cases have been confirmed among children and staff members at facilities in New York.    

‘New York is on the front lines—this isn’t happening big-time in Georgia yet or Kansas,’ said Vincent Schiraldi, co-chairperson of Youth Correctional Leaders for Justice, and a former commissioner of New York City’s Department of Probation. ‘But they better figure out that a storm is coming to them, it’s just coming to them a little later. Shame on them if they wait until they get sick to do this.’”

– Liz Robbins

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Photo courtesy of The Appeal. Photo illustration by Elizabeth Brown. Photo from Getty Images.