Founding Donors

Phil and Shelley Fox Aarons
Clarence Otis, Jr. and Jacqueline Bradley
Tony and Robyn Coles
Glenn and Amanda Fuhrman
Agnes Gund
Jo Carole Lauder
Daniel S. Loeb
Raymond J. McGuire and Crystal McCrary
Edith Cooper and Robert Taylor

Walton Family Foundation

Laura and John Arnold
Kenneth and Kathryn Chenault
Pete Peterson and Joan Ganz Cooney
Pamela Joyner and Alfred Giuffrida
A.C. Hudgins
Marguerite Steed Hoffman and Tom Lentz
Donald Marron
Brooke and Dan Neidich
Laurie M. Tisch
Steve Tisch

All donations go to support the initiatives that fall within the Fund’s five strategies for grantmaking.