Federal judge expands voting decision to apply to all ex-felons in Florida



“U.S. District Judge Robert Hinkle said a previous ruling he made that allowed felons to vote, even if they owe fines and fees stemming from their convictions, covers all individuals statewide, not just the 17 people who originally sued DeSantis.

Tuesday’s order applies to an estimated 1.4 million men and women. Though Florida voters in 2018 overwhelmingly passed an amendment to the state’s constitution to allow automatic restoration of voting rights after prison, Republican lawmakers have sought to impose requirements that would block many from registering.

‘This is huge. It’s a game-changer,’ said Neil Volz, deputy director of the Florida Rights Restoration Coalition. A federal trial on the issue is scheduled for this month.”

– Lori Rozsa

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Photo courtesy of The Associated Press.