Apollo Theater

Legendary non-profit multidisciplinary commissioner and presenter
Courtesy of the Apollo Theater Foundation.

Grantee Cohort Spring 2020

Location New York

Harlem’s legendary Apollo Theater will collaborate with musical partners to illustrate the dire threats to Black lives in over-policed communities and the killing of unarmed Black men through the power of music, poetry and performance. Visionary Apollo Theater Foundation executive producer Kamilah Forbes will oversee this planning grant through its Art for Justice grant.

The Apollo Theater will create a new work about the effects of police brutality, weaving together orchestral music and spoken word to produce a contemporary piece of musical theater with its Art for Justice grant. The Theater will work develop programming and events to engage the local Harlem community, as well as audiences new to the Harlem cultural scene. Recognizing the importance of this work to the African American communities of New York City, a chorus will be recruited from local Black communities and church congregations.

Photo courtesy of the Apollo Theater Foundation