Arizona State University Art Museum

Launching Undoing Time: A Visual History of Incarceration

Grantee Cohort Fall 2018, Spring 2020

Location National and Regional

The Art Museum at Arizona State University (ASU) was founded in 1950. Recently, the museum was reinvented with a vision that pursues the highest level of research and experimentation in exhibitions, programs, collections, and publications. The museum has more than 12,000 pieces in its collection across three locations in the Phoenix metro area.

With its latest grant, the ASU Art Museum will build upon the research from its prior grant to present ā€œUndoing Time: A Visual History of Incarceration.ā€ The six month exhibition, planned for 2021, will feature contemporary artists Paul Rucker, Mario Ybarra and Vincent Valdez, among others, to present works intended to challenge current practices and explore transformative ideas about criminal justice. In this exhibition, art and history will be used to interpret how the penal legacies of the past persist today. To accompany the exhibition, ASU will produce a fully illustrated catalogue featuring interviews with artists and essays by the curators, poets and cultural historians and a free digital microsite with accompanying essays and an exhibition guide.