Battery Park City Authority

enlivening public spaces

Grantee Cohort Spring 2021

Location New York, New York

The Battery Park City Authority (BPCA), a public benefit corporation, programs and enlivens public spaces, including commissioning public art installations. It manages and maintains a mix of commercial, residential and public parks spanning 92 acres across the lower west side of Manhattan. Through its partnership with Art for Justice, the Authority will present a long-term temporary public art installation. This partnership advances Art for Justice’s goals to amplify the voices of incarcerated people and to build empathy for people who have been directly affected by our current justice system.

In tandem with the installations, Battery Park City Authority is committed to facilitating connections between the artists and local community partners, hosting community events and educational outreach with the project artists and sharing the art digitally to reach people beyond New York City.

The timing will start with installation as early as June 2022 and span October 2022 – June 2023. The installations will be presented for a longer-term temporary period in the public parks BPCA manages and be accessible to all.