Bianca Tylek

Founder and Executive Director, Worth Rises

Grantee Cohort Spring 2020

Location National

“There are jails that are run by government agencies where almost every single service in that jail has been outsourced or privatized. Telephone services, video calling services, tablets, money transfers, laundry services… The government is not separate from that, they’re a collaborator and conspirator with these private companies and also profit not just the corporations themselves.” – Bianca Tylek; April 2020 (The Appeal)

Before receiving a J.D. from Harvard Law School, Bianca Tylek spent years working as a financial analyst at Citigroup and Morgan Stanley. After law school, she founded Worth Rises, the only organization in the country dedicated to dismantling the prison industry through public education, advocacy, and organizing. Using her personal experience with the system as child and unique combination of skills, Bianca exposes and challenges private and public actors who capitalize on people enmeshed in the criminal legal system. Bianca is also a visual artists whose art often speaks to the mission of Worth Rises and other social justice causes.

Bianca represents one of the most promising voices to emerge in the criminal legal system reform movement in recent years. Art for Justice is investing in Bianca as invaluable resource and activist addressing the myriad of ways that corporate and government financial interests conspire to sustain our crisis of mass incarceration.

Worth Rises, in partnership with Color Of Change and people directly impacted by the carceral system, will launch a digital action hub to focus collective energy on dismantling the prison industrial complex through an Art for Justice Activating Art and Advocacy grant. The first of its kind hub builds on Worth Rises’ forthcoming groundbreaking report that maps and details how the 12 sectors of the prison industry extract wealth from people, families and communities. Worth Rises will release the report in September, and the hub in November. By further developing the wealth of information available on the deep injustice of the carceral system, this creative campaign will further the movement to dismantle the prison industry and the money that perpetuates its continued existence.