Billy Almon

Astrobiofuturist, storyteller, and inventor

Grantee Cohort Spring 2022

Billy Almon is an astrobiofuturist, biology-inspired storyteller, and inventor who highlights the connection between nature, technology, and design. Through his B.E.A.S.T. Lab lectures and workshops and his Nature Be Wild’N brand, Almon combines the power of storytelling and design to inspire and motivate people and organizations to tap into the ingenuity and strategic creativity found throughout the Animal Kingdom.

Billy is also the co-host of Little Giants, a new TV series on Animal Planet that features some of his global explorations of the nature-inspired design process called biomimicry. Billy worked as an Imagineer for the Walt Disney Company for over a decade, where he honed his talents as a storyteller and designer working on award-winning projects. He has a bachelor of architecture degree from Howard University and a master of science in biomimicry from Arizona State University.