Color Of Change

Progressive nonprofit civil rights advocacy organization

Grantee Cohort Fall 2017, Fall 2018

Location National

Founded in 2005, Color of Change is the nation’s largest online racial justice organization. It develops strategies to help Black people and their allies concentrate and channel their participation into strategic action towards a more humane and less hostile world for Black people and all people in America.

As a national force driven by over one million members, Color of Change enables grassroots citizen participation in its advocacy initiatives focused on criminal justice, voter participation, media portrayal, news accuracy, and community organizing.

Art for Justice supported its efforts to educate and mobilize Black Americans about the role of prosecutors and the need for bail reform through online and in-person activism. Grant Purpose 2018: Color of Change continued its national campaign focused on abolishing money bail and reducing pretrial detention. Color of Change will also support local organizations to implement criminal justice reforms.

Through an Art for Justice Activating Art and Advocacy grant, Worth Rises, in partnership with Color Of Change and people directly impacted by the carceral system, will launch a digital action hub to focus collective energy on dismantling the prison industrial complex. The first of its kind hub builds on Worth Rises’ forthcoming groundbreaking report that maps and details how the 12 sectors of the prison industry extract wealth from people, families and communities. Worth Rises will release the report in September, and the hub in November. By further developing the wealth of information available on the deep injustice of the carceral system, this creative campaign will further the movement to dismantle the prison industry and the money that perpetuates its continued existence.