Common Justice

Alternatives to incarceration

Grantee Cohort Fall 2018, Fall 2019

Location New York and National

Common Justice operates the nation’s first alternative-to-incarceration/victim-service program focused on restorative justice. The organization’s mission is rooted in a belief that the solutions to violence and mass incarceration have to be informed by the needs of those involved in the justice system, and by the reality of trauma and structural racism.

With the success of the Ever After social media storytelling campaign and Executive Director Danielle Sered’s book Until We Reckon, Common Justice used its widespread recognition to promote an agenda that embraces responsible conversations about systemic violence, transforms the lives of those harmed and fosters racial equity without relying on incarceration. The organization aims to bring secure safety, healing and justice for survivors and their communities.

Common Justice will continue leveraging lessons from their direct services to transform the legal system through advocacy and elevating stories of those most impacted in Brooklyn and the Bronx. They will grow strategic communications, organizing and policy efforts with a newly established 501(c)(4), moving people and decision-makers alike to change the country’s story of violence ー and what it takes to reduce it.