Detroit Justice Center (DJC)

Nonprofit Law Firm

Grantee Cohort Spring 2020

Location National

“Movement building is about realizing that our connections are stronger than the efforts to break us apart. Coming together to create change and change conditions — that is healing work…We can demand the range of things that we deserve and, at the same time, amplify the solutions of community builders.” – Dr. Amanda Alexander, founding executive director of DJC; Oct. 2019 (Detroit Free Press)

Detroit Justice Center is a nonprofit law firm working alongside communities to create economic opportunities, transform the justice system and promote equitable and just cities. It stands at the center of Art For Justice Fund’s intersectional and integrated approach to transforming lives and systems through a combination of community organizing and policy reform with art and cultural change. The Fund is investing in its efforts to provide crucial COVID-19 rapid response aid to frontline communities and facilitate relocation to Detroit’s iconic LOVE Building, a collaborative hub for transformative organizations.

Detroit Justice Center and Detroit-based audio story maker Zak Rosen launched a new podcast that explores what it takes to build truly just cities with an Art for Justice Activating Art and Advocacy grant. The Center is rooted in the belief that discussions of just and equitable cities must address the systemic disenfranchisement of incarcerated people and their loved ones. Through elevating the work of people creating a better world right now, the podcast explored how efforts like movement lawyering, restorative justice, racial justice and art are all central to building the world we need and dismantling punitive systems of justice.