Dignity and Power Now

Helping Los Angeles County heal from the trauma of violence and incarceration

Grantee Cohort Spring 2018, Spring 2020

Location Los Angeles, CA

Dignity & Power Now helps Los Angeles County communities heal from the trauma of violence and incarceration. And, as part of a broader grassroots campaign, thanks to funding from Art for Justice, the Jailbeds Exhibit convinced the LA County Board of Supervisors to suspend plans to build a $3.5 billion new jail. Jailbeds Exhibit strategically placed 25 replica prison beds around Los Angeles County publicly to highlight issues of mass incarceration.

Now, with continued support from Art for Justice, Dignity & Power Now will focus on the needs of its staff and community members during the COVID-19 pandemic. It will also advance the implementation of “Measure R” – a plan to hold law enforcement accountable for abusing people in their custody, staff the LA County Alternative to Incarceration Working Group, and support Patrisse Cullors’ artist contest at the Crenshaw Dairy Mart.