Op-Ed: Stop putting people in prison for small parole and probation rule violations



Los Angeles Times

“As protesters around the country demand a long overdue examination of policing, we must not overlook the hidden law enforcement army of parole and probation officers surveilling poor, Black and brown people every day.

These officers exercise enormous control over the lives of people under their supervision. And they do so with little oversight or accountability to policymakers or the public.

Their decisions affect the lives of more than 4.5 million people placed on probation or parole — also called community supervision — in the U.S., twice the number of people in prison and jail in this country. For people under supervision, one missed appointment, one curfew violation, one failed drug urine test or even an accusation of violating a parole or probation rule could result in being reincarcerated, in some cases, without even a hearing.”

by David Muhammad and Vincent Schiraldi

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Photo courtesy of Los Angeles Times.