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Reform L.A. Jails Holds Event to Educate on Mental Health and Mass Incarceration

Patrisse Cullors worked with her organization Reform L.A. Jails to put together a full-day event designed to educate those in attendance on mental health and mass incarceration, while also entertaining them and encouraging them to vote “yes” on the organization’s initiative on the upcoming California primary ballot.

As The Root reports, the event featured panel discussions, fireside chats, art installations, a DJ and food, along with other entertainment. It also provided an opportunity for Los Angeles District Attorney candidates to share their plans to work to decriminalize mental illness. Among those who spoke on panels was Michele Infante, senior campaign lead at Dignity and Power Now.

“It felt really important to kind of use the culture of the day party as a part of how we talk about some really important issues in the community around mental health and incarceration,” said Cullors.

The California primary is scheduled for March 3, 2020.