This Atlanta jail will transform into a center for justice and equity



Fast Company

“Although calls for dismantling the current criminal justice system are escalating in Atlanta now—and have grown even more after a white police officer shot and killed Rayshard Brooks on Friday night, prompting the police chief to resign—the plans to transform the jail have been underway for months. For architect Deanna Van Buren, who is working on the design, it’s one of a series of projects focused on transforming the infrastructure of mass incarceration.

Van Buren, who co-founded the nonprofit design firm Designing Justice + Designing Spaces in 2015, has spent years pushing for the divest-invest model that is now gaining wider attention—the idea that communities should pull money out of the criminal justice system, and put more money into completely new systems of justice.”

by Adele Peters

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Photo courtesy of Designing Justice + Designing Spaces, via Fast Company.