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“Toward Greater Justice.” How Funders Are Supporting Artists in a Historic Moment

“In the aftermath of George Floyd’s death, [Russell] Craig joined one of the earliest protests at Barclays Center in Brooklyn. He eventually took a break, went to his studio, and spent a few hours painting a portrait of Floyd. Since then, he’s also painted moving portraits of Ahmaud Arbery and Breonna Taylor as part of the series.

“Helena Huang, project director of Art for Justice, told me the fund supported Craig’s work in general, ‘but also specifically for ‘Dark Reflections.’ As you can see, it’s more relevant today than ever.’

“Art is an important component of every social movement, and this one is no exception. Before 2020, arts funders like Gund were already looking to support artists as a way to advance social justice. Now, as Russell Craig’s story underscores, that approach has collided with recent events, taking on new importance.”

– By Mike Scutari


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Photo courtesy of Russell Craig, via Inside Philanthropy.