Vera Institute of Justice Funds Research on Rising Incarceration Rates in Kentucky

The Vera Institute of Justice awarded a $10,000 grant to the nonprofit Kentucky Center for Economic Policy (KCEP) to fund research on the rising incarceration rates in the state.

The grant is a part of the Vera Institute’s “In Our Backyard” initiative, which provides funding to organizations committed to reducing incarceration rates and resisting unnecessary jail expansion in small and rural communities. According to a report published by the organization this past April, Kentucky is one of a handful of states where the incarceration rate increased in 2018.

“The future that we hope that people imagine for Kentucky … is one in which not only do counties not rely on jails for their economic future, but that there are better ways to invest in safety,” said In Our Backyards Campaign Director Jasmine Heiss.

Read more about the Vera Institute’s grant to combat mass incarceration in Kentucky here.