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WSJ Magazine Names Agnes Gund a 2018 Philanthropy Innovator

The Wall Street Journal named Agnes Gund a 2018 Philanthropy Innovator, an honor that recognizes her trailblazing work with the Art for Justice Fund:

WSJ. Magazine 2018 Philanthropy Innovator: Agnes Gund made waves in philanthropy and art when she sold “Masterpiece” by Roy Lichtenstein, for $100 million to start “The Art for Justice Fund”, a foundation committed to ending mass incarceration. Inspired by the growing movement of writers, artists, and activists; and concerned for the future of her black grandchildren, Ms. Gund says that the Fund is the most important thing she’s done in her life. As an avid art collector and former President of the Museum of Modern Art, Ms. Gund knows well the power of art to transform. She’s taken this belief to the next level, convincing other art collectors to sell their works to donate to her cause. As a five-year spend down endowment, her goal is to have measurable impact on the ways that the justice system serves its citizens.

Watch this video to learn more.