A4J supported individuals and organizations committed to advancing new narratives around criminal legal transformation, promoting formerly incarcerated artists, and imagining new visions of shared safety.

Grantee Stories

On a cold day in a city park, about a dozen figures stand holding black, red, white, and pink placards, at least two signs reading,
Reverend Sharon White-Harrigan leading a Women's Community Justice Association protest to shutter Rikers Island. Photo by Jennifer S. Altman.

A4J fostered collaboration between its governing board, advisors, staff, allied donors, advocates, and grant recipients. The collective commitment, wisdom, and expertise of these groups, especially those that are system-impacted, made A4J’s impact possible.

Founding &
Major Donors

  • Phil and Shelley Fox Aarons
  • Anonymous
  • Laura and John Arnold
  • Mara Burros Sandler
  • Katie and Paul Buttenwieser
  • Tony and Robyn Coles
  • Edith Cooper and
    Robert Taylor
  • Glenn and Amanda Fuhrman
  • Alva Greenberg
  • Greenleaf Trust
  • Agnes Gund
  • Marguerite Steed Hoffman
    and Tom Lentz
  • A.C. Hudgins
  • Stephanie and Tim Ingrassia
    Spring Hill Arts
  • Pamela Joyner and
    Alfred Giuffrida
  • Jo Carole Lauder
  • Daniel S. Loeb
  • Donald Marron
  • Musa and Tom Mayer
  • Raymond J. McGuire
    and Crystal McCrary
  • Madeline Nelson
  • Clarence Otis Jr. and Jacqueline Bradley
  • Pete Peterson and
    Joan Ganz Cooney
  • Present Progressive Fund
    at Schwab Charitable
  • Madeleine Rudin
  • Laurie M. Tisch
  • Maria H. Tuttle
  • IV Fund
  • Jon L. Stryker and
    Slobodan Randjelović
  • Alice Walton
  • Mackenzie Scott, Yield Giving
In a restaurant, two figures sit across from one another at a small table with drinks and appetizers. The woman on the left wears glasses, a black jacket, leans her left elbow on the table and turns with a smile at you. The man on the right wears a tan shirt, dark blue jacket and leans slightly forward with a smile at you, arms folded on the table.
Jacqueline Bradley and Clarence Otis Jr. attend reception for Clyde's, a play by Lynn Nottage. Photo by Erin Baiano.
Two women stand, look, and smile towards you, arm and arm with each other in the interior balcony walkway of an office building. On the left, she wears a patterned purple floral dress. On the right, she wears an overcoat over a bright pink and green floral dress.
Donor Alva Greenberg and curator Daisy Derosiers at A4J's closing event. Photo by Erin Baiano.


  • Artsy
  • Aspect/Ratio Projects
  • Ben & Jerry’s
  • Christie’s
  • EXPO Chicago
  • Frieze Art Fair
  • Marian Goodman Gallery
  • Lisson Gallery
  • l.a.Eyeworks
  • Hauser & Wirth