Every person has something valuable to contribute to this movement. Whether you’re a student, teacher, small business owner, artist, or concerned citizen, your contributions can make a huge impact.


Take action

With time

  • Learn about the movement through the resource library above.
  • Find an organization in the grantee partner directory for whom you can volunteer, including joining an organization’s board of directors that is committed to securing change.
  • Research advocacy campaigns that will help transform the criminal legal system and participate in them. The Color of Change directory and the Alliance for Safety and Justice are great places to learn more.
  • Attend exhibitions and performances that feature the work of system-impacted artists.
  • Talk to friends, coworkers, and family about how to help build a future of shared safety for all.

With funding

With influence

  • Host a fundraiser/friendraiser and invite your peers to support the projects and organizations listed in the directory, such as the Center for Art and Advocacy.
  • Engage in policy campaigns and contact elected officials and other influencers who can lend support to transforming the criminal legal system. A great place to start is Worth Rises’ #EndTheException campaign and The Clean Slate Initiative.
  • If you are responsible for staffing a business or organization, hire formerly incarcerated people and advocate for second chance hiring and fair treatment in the job market. JPMorgan Chase & CO. offers resources for supporting a second chance program at your workplace.
  • Use your vote to elect those who will help end mass incarceration. Ensure that elected officials know you care about these issues.